North Dakota - update until 2015-11

This is the first attempt to provide an interactive presentation of the oil production in North Dakota. Note that you can click through the different analyses by using the blocks at the top. Furthermore, each analysis is interactive: the filters can be easily changed (there is an apply button at the bottom of each filter to enact it), and tooltips are available when the mouse is hovering over parts of the presentation.

The reason for these efforts is my perception that there are a lot of questions and misconceptions about the shale oil production in the U.S., but that detailed, accurate, objective, comprehensive, up-to-date and well-presented information is lacking.

I would like to bridge that gap.

The idea is to add further interactive analyses to the existing ones above that provide other and more detailed insights.

Furthermore, I would like to include other shale oil producing regions, such as the Niobrara, as well. Currently I don't have access to detailed well data for the Eagle Ford and the Permian, so those fields will not be included soon.

All the basic data for North Dakota is provided by the NDIC. This data has been analyzed, and further enriched. For example, for confidential wells, the "runs" data is used as a proxy for oil production.

Eventually I would like to add a layered subscription service for all the advanced analyses, while keeping several interactive analyses free for all as a public service. The reason for this future introduction of a subscription service is to be able to cover the costs of several advanced third party tools and data sources, and to maintain a high level of quality, with regular updates and improvements.

Any comments on these efforts are highly appreciated. Furthermore, any suggestions on how further value can be added through this way of presentation are very helpful.

I would like to keep all discussion civil and on topic, and reserve the right to remove comments that are in violation of these rules.

My gratitude goes to Martijn Muurman for his extraordinary coding skills, input, and efforts to realize this presentation.

Edit: I received some questions about how to interact with the presentation. I will provide 2 use cases that further clarify this.


1. You want to know how much the wells of Continental Resources have improved over the years. => Left-click on the block "Well quality over the years", click on the "operator" filter, click on "all" to empty the filter, click on "Continental Resources" to filter only its wells, and click on "apply" at the bottom of the list. You will now see the type curve & cumulative curve for the average Continental Resources well in ND, for each of the past years. You can add additional filters.


2. You want to know how much new production EOG has been bringing online. => Left-click on the block "How much is produced?", select only "EOG" by deselecting all, and then checking EOG, followed by apply. You can see that the current output from EOGs wells that started in 2015 is just a little higher than the current output from wells that started in 2014 or 2013.


Note that in both of these cases you will see the gross operated production volumes, which will differ from actual reported company production volumes. If you need some assistance with other questions, let me know.