Permian - update until 2016-01

The above presentation contains oil production data from horizontal wells in the Permian (both New Mexico and Texas) until January. There appears a surprising large drop in production in December, followed by a relative large increase again in January. This appears for both New Mexico, and Texas. I can’t explain this variation, but these months are still subject to potential large future revisions.

While in the last update I included some vertical wells, I now focus again on only horizontal wells. Only in the “top companies” tab, operators are shown based on their total production from the selected leases, included from vertical wells).

In the last post I included 7043 producing horizontal wells, while in this update the total is 7768, mostly due to the increase in coverage (additional leases, and more formations). For New Mexico, in the “well status” tab, you can also see the wells that are spud, but not producing, and the plugged wells. These statuses are not available for Texas.

I expect to have another update on the US by next week Friday.


The above presentation has many interactive features:

  • You can click through the blocks on the top to see the slides.
  • Each slide has filters that can be set, e.g. to select individual or groups of operators. You can first click “all” to deselect all items. You have to click the “apply” button at the bottom to enforce the changes. After that, click anywhere on the presentation.
  • Tooltips are shown by just hovering the mouse over parts of the presentation.
  • You can move the map around, and zoom in/out.
  • By clicking on the legend you can highlight selected items, and include or exclude categories.
  • Note that filters have to be set for each tab separately.
  • The operator who currently owns the well is designated by “operator (current)”. The operator who operated a well in a past month is designated by “operator (actual)”. This distinction is useful when the ownership of a well changed over time.
  • If you have any questions on how to use the interactivity, or how to analyze specific questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


  • Dennis Coyne says:

    Hi Enno,

    For the New Mexico Permian your estimate seems to match the EIA’s C+C output estimate (if we assume about 175 kb/d of non Permian New Mexico output (looking at May 2015). For Texas you estimate 484 kb/d in May 2015.

  • Nony says:

    To be honest (sorry for the trite phrase!) I don’t understand all the subtleties of what you are doing. But please keep up the good work.

  • nuassembly says:

    could you also get the statistic numbers for vertical wells in Permian?
    It will be interesting to compare.

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