North Dakota - update until 2016-05

Total oil production in North Dakota increased by 5 kbo/d to 1047 kbo/d in May, after the 70 kbo/d drop in April.

Due to limited time, I only have a few comments after briefly examining the data:

  • 45 wells started flowing in May, compared with 44 in April.
  • The legacy declines were very low (while exceptional high in the previous month), while the new wells had a good start, resulting in the small gain for the month. I expect that the small declines for May will not last, and that the trend will continue downwards in the months after.

Note that from now onward, you can also see gas (if available, e.g. confidential months do not have gas reported), by using the “Product” selection, available in all tabs. Also, on the map (1st tab), there are now more options to see the data, e.g. by formation.

I will be away for 2 weeks, and expect to put up a new update on the US around August 5th. I will skip separate updates on Texas this month.


The above presentation has many interactive features:

  • You can click through the blocks on the top to see the slides.
  • Each slide has filters that can be set, e.g. to select individual or groups of operators. You can first click “all” to deselect all items. You have to click the “apply” button at the bottom to enforce the changes. After that, click anywhere on the presentation.
  • Tooltips are shown by just hovering the mouse over parts of the presentation.
  • You can move the map around, and zoom in/out.
  • By clicking on the legend you can highlight selected items, and include or exclude categories.
  • Note that filters have to be set for each tab separately.
  • The operator who currently owns the well is designated by “operator (current)”. The operator who operated a well in a past month is designated by “operator (actual)”. This distinction is useful when the ownership of a well changed over time.
  • If you have any questions on how to use the interactivity, or how to analyze specific questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


  • Gerard McHale says:


    Have a great vacation.

    Interesting exchange between you and Filloon.

    (BTW, for confidential listed wells, the monthly gas gas sold, not produced – necessarily – is available on the monthly production reports next to the ‘runs’ figure for oil).

    1. Enno says:

      Thanks Gerard,

      I had a great, though at times exhausting, time doing the Tour du Mont Blanc.

      I will check your last comment when doing the next ND update – I may already use it, just forgot.

  • Akshay N says:

    Hi Enno,

    Wonderful work and I really like the use of Tableau. I’m a Petroleum Engg graduate interested in the Analytics side and I’ve worked with Tableau for the last 6 months, I’m curious to know your process to clean up the back end data and what kind of database system are you using. I’m not very well-versed on the ETL/IT infrastructure side. I would like to build something like this for a shale basin, would appreciate some tips and guidance.


    1. Enno says:


      Thanks & I just sent you an email with some advice.

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