How did we get started?

What started out as a hobby by Enno in 2015, because of his fascination by the shale oil & gas developments in the US and his love for solving complex puzzles, has now evolved into a growing startup business.

Over the last 3 years, Enno’s free blog post (now ..\blog) received great feedback from geoscientist and engineers from around the globe, as well as from financial analysts focused on the shale industry, providing ample motivation to continue adding data and developing new ways to visualize this. A big thank you to all the comments and explanations from you early readers!

Late 2017, JOA Ventures, through one of its portfolio companies Biodentify, met with Enno and from there on it was quickly decided to partner up. Jonathan joined Enno as co-founder, and additional development power was hired. We are now on an exciting journey, building out our ShaleProfile Data & Analytics platform, to deliver the best and most attractive visual data analytics dashboards for our customers.

ShaleProfile’s HQ is in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Our office is on the 4th floor in the ‘Groothandelsgebouw’, right next to Central Station, a great location with a real startup community. In addition, we have a presence in Houston, where Robert Chelak is based as Senior Advisor.

We are still looking for additional talent! Check out our careers page or go straight to our job openings:

Front-end / BI-Tableau Developer

Algorithms & Machine Learning expert

and we have exciting internship opportunities for Computer Science and AI Master students who would like to get into Data Analytics and Machine Learning!

The founders

These guys manage the company

Enno Peters

Founder & CEO ShaleProfile

Background in AI, worked on developing Supply Chain Planning & Optimization solutions for Quintiq, setting up its business in China. Focus on company direction and the technical development of ShaleProfile's platform.

Jonathan Zwaan

Co-founder ShaleProfile

Over 20 years experience in the E&P software and technology business, worked in US, Norway, Far East, and now back in home country the Netherlands! Focus on Ops, Sales & Marketing for ShaleProfile.

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