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Individual well, and production data for 80+ thousand horizontal wells in the US.

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This package contains the following:

  • Well data: detailed information about 80k+ horizontal wells in 10 US states, such as location, well name, operator, vertical depth, measured depth, lateral length. Also includes data information, such as the spud, completion, first production, and plugged dates.
  • Production data: for each of these wells that started producing, monthly production records are available that describe how much oil & gas is produced, the operator, water production, and # number of days that the well was producing.

This package does not contain completion data, such as proppant mass, fluid volume, and proppant types, and neither does this contain multiple wellbore locations (e.g. surface & bottom hole locations). See the US Professional for these items.

Not all fields may be filled in completely, as some states do not provide certain types of data publicly. E.g. the number of days that wells have actually produced in a certain month is not available in Texas.