Junior data scientist - petroleum engineer

Junior data scientist – petroleum engineer – python, solving puzzles, algorithms

Our company ShaleProfile sets out to bring transparency to the US shale oil and gas industry. Originally started as a hobby, the free blog has now turned into a professional visualization and analytics platform, with endless opportunities for growth and expansion. After ample validation and great early traction with customers, we are now looking to expand our team with developers, marketeers, and also: additional PE knowledge.

You’ll be working with us to help expand our Visualization and Analytics portal, developing new analytic views and insights, solving some complex (PE) puzzles. Using your PE knowledge, petroleum economics, data analytics, maths/algorithmic work, and python coding. We then use Tableau BI to visualize our results.

Required Qualifications:

  • Grad / under-grad Petroleum Engineer with interest in data analytics
  • Some experience with object-oriented modeling (UML), 3GLs (Java, C++, C#, Delphi) or 4GLs (Python, etc.)
  • Passion for solving complex problems and acquiring new skills
  • Energetic and flexible personality who can get work done
  • Excellent English speaking and writing capabilities

Company Profile

ShaleProfile is a privately held startup that has secured long-term funding in order to develop the best analytics solution for the shale oil & gas industry. The founder and investors have decades of experience in developing advanced information systems, with a thorough understanding of the oil & gas industry. We are based in Rotterdam, at CIC in the Groothandelsgebouw, an inspiring work environment with dozens of other startups, right next to Rotterdam Central Station.

Remuneration Package

ShaleProfile offers excellent working conditions, a good income package and a share option arrangement.