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ShaleProfile Analytics Analyst is created for individuals with a strong interest in the US shale industry. With quick access to the exact locations of all horizontal wells and their production history, you can stay very well informed. Our Analyst subscription service brings powerful capabilities to your desktop or mobile device, with full-screen dashboards and always up-to-date data.

ShaleProfile Analytics Analyst provides you with more than 10 highly intuitive dashboards, designed to answer your key questions on important US shale developments, such as well productivity and associated gas & water production.

Our database contains data on more than 100 thousand horizontal wells in 13 US states and includes historical production data, location data, and several other types of data. This data is sourced from state agencies, and other sources. Significant effort is made to ensure a high level of completeness and accuracy of the data. Any inaccuracies detected by our algorithms are automatically corrected wherever possible.

This service will give you always access to the latest data, as provided by our sources. Almost all dashboards can be opened full-screen. Exporting of the data within the dashboards to CSV file (e.g. Excel) is only allowed from the Professional level and higher.

Some of the key questions that you will be able to quickly answer are:

  • What is the realistic ultimate recovery of wells in a particular area
  • How has well productivity changed?
  • How do operators compare in terms of well performance?
  • How has the GOR changed, and is it affecting production.
  • How much water is produced
  • Where are rigs currently drilling horizontal wells, and what was the historical rig count in an area.
  • Who are the leading operators or formations, and where are the related wells exactly located
  • How many wells are drilled, producing, inactive, or plugged.

The plan costs $19 for the first month only, after which the plan costs $52.00 a month

Whats included

Individual well production
Visualization Options
Data selection options
Data export
Filtering on number of refracs
Normalize results
Pre-built dashboards
>100.000 horizontal wells
Detailed laterals
Production data
Completion data
Advanced forecasts and economics

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