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ShaleProfile Data provides you with access to our database, which contains more than 100 thousand horizontal wells in 13 US states and includes historical production data, location data (laterals), completion data, and several other types of data. This data is sourced directly from state agencies and Significant effort is made to ensure a high level of completeness and accuracy of the data.

The database is provided in text files (tab-delimited), which can be easily imported in your database of choice. The database structure has been designed with the purpose to analyze the performance of these wells in full detail, and has been tailored for business analytics tools such as Tableau, TIBCO Spotfire or Power BI.

As a data subscriber, you can access our database using a REST API, which allows your internal database to be closely synchronized with ours. The data files can also be send to you on a weekly basis. You will then every week automatically receive an email with the latest download link.

The database structure is described in the following document: ShaleProfile Database Description.

The minimum data plan starts with 3 licensees and runs for a full 12 month subscription period. If you have specific questions on our data plan, please contact us.

Horizontal wells from the following states, counties, and periods are covered:


More states will be added in the future.

We use numerous data cleaning techniques to achieve a high data quality. Nonetheless, we can’t provide guarantees.

A sample of the database data is available for free. It contains horizontal well, production and completion data from 4 counties; Dimmit (TX), Williams (ND), Laramie (WY) and Bradford (PA). You can download it here: ShaleProfile Sample Database.

Payments with credit card & wire transfer are supported.

Whats included

Individual well production
Visualization Options
Data selection options
Data export
Filtering on number of refracs
Normalize results
Pre-built dashboards
>100.000 horizontal wells
Detailed laterals
Production data
Completion data
Advanced forecasts and economics

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