ShaleProfile collaborates with Lower48 Analytics, a financial platform for shale oil & gas asset management


ShaleProfile, a leading provider of shale data and analytics, is excited to announce its partnership with Lower48 Analytics, the first SaaS platform for oil and gas portfolio management, powered by GoogleCloud.

Both companies share a philosophy of a light, powerful, visually elegant interface supported by the almost infinite computational and storage resources of the cloud.

Enno Peters, founder and CEO of ShaleProfile says: “This collaboration is a prime example of how ShaleProfile’s data and analytics can be leveraged by advanced service providers. Companies such as Lower48 Analytics need accurate, timely and well-structured data sources to provide the market with reliable insights.”

Simina Farcasiu, founder and CEO of Lower48 Analytics, says that she developed Lower48 Analytics to bring a modern tool to market that goes beyond clunky, patchwork legacy systems and with an easy-to-use fast and robust system to free up time for truly value-added work:

“Lower48 delivers Wall Street-quality analytics and Main Street transparency to the upstream asset class. It deploys a streamlined, intuitive, collaborative interface supported by an infinitely expandable data environment to generate powerful and accurate financial analyses.”

About ShaleProfile

ShaleProfile empowers E&P professionals with advanced visual analytics on the shale industry. We set out to build the most intuitive platform on the market to help investors, operators and consultants face their challenges. ShaleProfile Analytics enables a thorough analysis of major trends on Production & Completion data across 13 states and with data on over 120,000 horizontal wells. We use the latest Business Intelligence technology to create beautiful and highly intuitive dashboards, each optimized to answer specific questions. With advanced algorithms we continuously extract, clean and transform the latest data from trusted sources. Our operating costs are low, and so is our pricing.
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About Lower48 Analytics

Lower48 Analytics is the first comprehensive SaaS platform for valuation and financial risk management of upstream oil and gas. Hosted on Google Cloud, Lower48 is ideally positioned to support everyone who needs to make a financial decision in Upstream, including mineral rights owners, oil and gas operators, asset managers, hedge funds, private equity advisors, and lenders.

As stakeholders in this multi-trillion-dollar asset class pivot from grabbing reserves to optimizing returns on capital, Lower48 Analytics supports them with comprehensive financial analytics and useful integrated data, all delivered at a competitive cost.

Lower48 Analytics supports your workflow from land and unit data maintenance, through granular costs and price offsets, integrated real-time commodity prices, sophisticated transaction modeling, production projections, calendar management, detailed and summarized cash flow projections, accurate valuation and stress testing, credit analysis, reserve projections, and hedge design support.

The platform is available for immediate use and the Lower48 team is providing prospective users with a free trial.

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